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Edinburgh Lord Provost Robert Aldridge (C) poses for a photo with a representative of Shenzhen Museum and a member of the Edinburgh delegation after visiting the “Great Tides Surge Along the Pearl River: 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up in Guangdong” exhibition at the Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning May 22. Wang Haolan
爱丁堡市市长罗伯特·阿尔德里奇(中)于5月22日参观深圳市当代艺术与城市规划馆“大潮起珠江”展览后与深圳博物馆代表及爱丁堡代表团成员合影留念。王皓岚 摄

In his post, Aldridge stated, “Brilliant and fascinating trip to Shenzhen recently alongside Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce promoting our city and meeting new friends and colleagues.”


Aldridge mentions Shenzhen Daily and the video titled “Edinburgh Lord Provost visits ICIF” produced by EyeShenzhen in his tweet.

Aldridge specifically mentioned Shenzhen Daily in his tweet and shared a link to a YouTube video, titled “Edinburgh Lord Provost visits ICIF,” produced by EyeShenzhen. The video captures Aldridge’s experiences and interactions during his time in Shenzhen.


The official account of the City of Edinburgh Council retweets the Lord Provost’s message.

In addition, the official X accounts of the City of Edinburgh Council and the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce retweeted the Lord Provost’s message, amplifying its reach.


Aldridge (2nd R) at a visit to the Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning on May 22. Wang Haolan
阿尔德里奇于5月22日参观深圳市当代艺术与城市规划馆。王皓岚 摄

The Lord Provost’s visit to Shenzhen came at a time when cultural and business exchanges between Edinburgh and Shenzhen, two sister cities, are gaining momentum.


During the visit, Aldridge and his delegation participated in the 20th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF), toured various locations and visited several high-tech firms.


A day before the ICIF’s opening, Aldridge met with Shenzhen Mayor Qin Weizhong. The Lord Provost emphasized that Edinburgh and Shenzhen have complementary industries where the two cities can seek closer cooperation.


In an interview, he said that the ICIF serves as a platform for Edinburgh firms to explore potential partnerships and business opportunities in China and beyond.


Aldridge poses for a photo at Edinburgh’s booth at the 20th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair. Xu Shuntian
阿尔德里奇在第20届文博会爱丁堡展位。许舜钿 摄

“We have 10 companies who are coming to present [at the ICIF]. They are all looking for more contacts, more opportunities in China and beyond, and also to have partnerships with Chinese companies,” Aldridge said.


Liz McAreavey, chief executive of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, was equally enthusiastic about the fair and highlighted the importance of building friendships and exploring trade opportunities.



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