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About us

The Doctorate Association (DA) is a politically independent, not-for-profit organisation, with the aim to help our members adjust to life and study abroad. We are a global platform for international doctoral students and scholars to integrate and be involved in the local community.

We are engaged in providing specialist services in academia, entrepreneurship, career planning and cross-cultural communication. The Doctorate Association hopes to become a culturally diverse hub for its members in the local communities they represent.

Our Works and Prospects

  1. Regular interdisciplinary academic symposiums.
  2. Career development workshop.
  3. Career fairs in the UK or overseas.
  4. Leisure activities (day trip etc.)
  5. China UK entrepreneurship challenge.
  6. Contribution to Sino-UK commercial exchange.


“As the director of Edinburgh-Shenzhen Creative Exchange Incubator. Jiangtao Ma’s exceptional
understanding of government, business and commerce in both countries greatly assisted the City of Edinburgh Council to engage with Shenzhen Municipal Government, Leading to the International Friendship City Agreement. As a qualified Ph,D., Jiangtao Ma’s position as President and Founder of the Doctorate association, he has made outstanding contributions to the technological, educational, and academic exchanges & co-operations in both cities.”



Frank Ross

Rt Hon Lord Provost of Edinburgh

Service Team


Dr. Jiangtao Ma

Dr. Yunjie Yang

Dr Junxi Wu

Dr. Junxi Wu

Dr Yiming Yang

Professor. Yiming Yang


Jim Galloway

Dr Jing Han

Dr. Wei Han

Professor Timothy Mitchell Thumb yiming

Professor Timothy Mitchell

Professor Caihong Zhan

Professor Caihong Zhan


Xiaoming Wang


Dr. Norbert Radacsi

Dr Karla Suchacki

Dr. Karla Suchacki


Dr. Zhilong Guo

Our Partners

University of Edinburgh
university of glasgow

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